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Sizing varies considerably amongst the designers we carry. In order to help you choose the best size, you will find the following information on every product page :
  1. A link to a ‘size conversion chart’ to help you convert international sizes, as well as product measurements and a guide to using these.
  2. A ‘size & fit’ section with further information on how the garment fits, and whether it runs true, small or large to size.
If you need more help, our Customer Care will assist you on sizing and fit, simply email to customercare@shoppe33.com for advice.
We may ship your basic ordered item(s) in a more subtle option i.e. ‘basic packaging’ and your item(s) will be shipped in a brown cardboard box.

Unless the purchase is for basic item(s) which will be shipped in a brown cardboard box, your order will be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in one of our premium boxes finished with ribbon, and, if necessary, protected by a brown cardboard box.

Where an order consists solely of shoes, it will be delivered in the original designer shoe box and, if necessary, protected by a brown cardboard box as per basic packaging.

Sale purchases may be shipped in basic packaging only, which does not include our Premium Packaging.

When placing your gift purchase, please check the box under packaging options to include an optional gift-message card. Your entire order will be packed in SHOPPE 33 Premium Packaging with a tag having the recipient’s name on it.

If you are buying multiple items as gifts, please place separate orders with separate payments if you would like each piece wrapped individually. You can then include a gift-message card with a personalized message by selecting the Gift Packaging on the packaging page.

Any of the packaging options may incur costs.
Simply click on “Sign In” and then “Register Now” to fill in your details. By registering with us, you will enjoy the following benefits through your SHOPPE 33 account :
  1. Track your orders and review past purchases
  2. Request your return-for-exchange directly from your account
  3. Build a customized Wish List to create personalized outfit that you can email to friends and family. Plus, you can also see your shopping lists (My Wardrobe and My Collection) for convenienece
  4. Save your personal information, billing address, and shipping address so you can shop even quicker next time
  5. Manage your account details, address book, and email preferences
In the event that you have forgotten your password, click here to change it or follow the ‘Forgot Your Password’ instructions on the ‘Sign In’ page. For security reasons we are unable to send your password via email.
From time to time depending on the programs as set at our sole discretion, we may offer promotional codes, ‘privilege’ for members (valid for one (1) time use and one (1) time purchase only) or ‘general’ for users in general. When placing your order, simply follow the steps outlined below to redeem your discount.
  1. Type in the code in the promotional code box on the payment page and click ‘Submit’.
  2. Enter the words shown in the box for additional security, followed by ‘Submit’.
  3. Check that your promotional discount has been applied under ‘shopping bag’ or ‘checkout page’, and then click ‘Place Order’.
We make the return-for-exchange easy for you. Please refer to below information and guidelines :
  1. Log in to your account and, under order, please submit your Return-For-Exchange (RFE) request by clicking the ”Submit RFE” button and fill in the form, indicating the reason for exchange. The request must be made within the allowable maximum the period as listed in the RFE eligibility timeline. The day when the items are shipped out is considered one (1) day. You must send your items back to us in 100% new and good condition complete with all necessary requirement in order to qualify for us to start processing to review your return-for-exchange request;
  2. That you can request to exchange items for a different size or for an alternative product, subject to stock availability, for one (1) time request only and the number of quantity or item(s) being returned is not more than two (2). When you qualify to exchange your item, you may return it for a shopping voucher and purchase the new item separately. In this event, you will be awarded a shopping voucher worth the item returned for exchange;
  3. That the shopping vouchers awarded are valid within one hundred and eighty (180) days period from the date of issuance and can be used in SHOPPE33.COM. Please refer to our Shopping Vouchers term and contact our Customer Care on +62 21 2933 1133 during operational hours or email to customercare@shoppe33.com for assistance;
  4. That the duly signed Return-For-Exchange (RFE) Request Form must be attached when sending back the items. If the duly signed RFE Request Form is not attached, we reserve the right to refuse further processing of the return and unidentified return-for-exchange may be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense;
  5. that customers should bear the cost of shipping when returning items. We recommend that you use a delivery service that is reliable to reduce the chances of loss of goods during delivery or shipping;
  6. Tick the provided box if you have read and agreed to our Return-For-Exchange Policy and our Shopping Voucher term as in the Terms of Use;
  7. Subject to our Return-For-Exchange Policy, an auto-generated e-mail containing the RFE request will be sent to you with detailed guidelines on how to send your item(s) back to us for our review;
  8. Kindly note that one-time exchange request may be valid for up to maximum quantity of two (2) only regardless of number of item(s).
  9. There will be new additional delivery charges applicable for all exchanges.
If you receive item(s) as gift, we regret that no exchange is allowed.
Gift cards are available either printed or virtual at the following terms:
  1. Gift cards are valid within one hundred and eighty (180) days period from the date of issuance
  2. Gift cards can be redeemed against all items (excluding gift cards) on the website
  3. Gift cards are transferable and may not be returned or redeemed for cash
  4. Printed or virtual gift card will be respectively sent or emailed to the recipient after the full order has been processed and payment has been fully received in our bank account
  5. A PIN Code will be emailed to the recipient of the gift card. However, in the event whereby a printed gift card is purchased, the PIN Code will be emailed to the recipient upon SHOPPE 33 receiving the information on the email address of the recipient
  6. Promotion codes cannot be applied to the purchase of gift cards
  7. VAT, packaging, delivery and/or insurance costs are applicable on any items purchased with SHOPPE 33 gift cards
  8. Delivery cost is applicable on printed gift card
Shopping vouchers are available upon a successful Return-For-Exchange (RFE) or as a token of appreciation.
  1. A shopping voucher is valid within one hundred and eighty (180) days period from the date of issuance,
  2. A shopping voucher is transferable and may not be returned or redeemed for cash,
  3. Any purchase using a shopping voucher is not eligible for any return-for-exchange,
  4. In the event of a Return-For-Exchange (RFE) Request having been approved by SHOPPE 33, and unless you opt for replacement item(s), a virtual shopping voucher including a PIN code will be emailed to you,
  5. SHOPPE 33 is not liable for delivery of a virtual shopping voucher and/or its PIN code to an incorrect or non-existent email address. This is your sole responsibility,
  6. Virtual Shopping Voucher will be emailed to the recipient after the payment to be credited has been fully received in our bank account.
  7. SHOPPE 33 is not responsible if a shopping voucher and/or its PIN code is (are) lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission,
  8. SHOPPE 33 reserves full rights to cancel a shopping voucher if we deem such action necessary,
  9. Value Added Tax (VAT), packaging, delivery and/or insurance costs are applicable on any items purchased with shopping voucher,
  10. Delivery cost is applicable, should you require a printed shopping voucher, instead of the virtual.
For a hassle-free same day delivery to an address located in Jakarta area, a member simply settles the payment of the order placed by a bank transfer or an e-banking to our bank account within three (3) hours after checkout, and sends a copy of the remittance evidence to our Customer Care at customercare@shoppe33.comor via facsimile to +6221 2920 0999 on or before 11 am Jakarta time on the day, Mondays through Fridays excluding any public holidays.

From time to time subject to the sole discretion of SHOPPE 33, if you are a member having recorded a total purchase of IDR30,000,000, you can enjoy a hassle-free same day delivery to the door step of your billing address located in Jakarta area for a maximum order on that delivery day not exceeding IDR10,000,000 with payment being settled by credit card swiped conveniently at your address.

For further assistance, please email customercare@shoppe33.com

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